Super Shield

It is a Non Alcoholic Well researched blend of Quaternary Ammonium compound which works as a versatile surface disinfectant.
Its usage against COVID-19 is recommended by WHO and is approved by U.S. E.PA & FDA.

Major Benefits

Non-Alcoholic Well-researched blend of Quaternary Ammonium compound which works as a Versatile Surface Disinfectant.

Skin Friendly

pH Balanced skin friendly formula & safe to use.

Economical Usage

Very Very economical to use as it nullifies requirement of different disinfectant/germicides for different surfaces.

Ideal Disinfectant

Ideal disinfectant for all kind of establishment like Homes, offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Banks, Colleges, Shops, Malls, etc.

No Harmful Effects

Can be used on almost everything without any harm.

Long Lasting Shielding

Provides moderately long lasting shielding effect after application.

Used Anywhere

After Dilution, it can be sprayed on any type of fabric, hard surface, humans, pets, etc. It is very safe to use on any type of surface.

Product Ingredients

Benzalkonium Chloride solution IP 4% w/w in a suitable base.

Application of Super shield

Add 40ml of Super Shield in 960ml of water to make a disinfectant solution.

Application 1: Use solution for mopping all kind of flooring, bathrooms sides or any other hard surface.

Application 2: Spray this solution on all kind of frequently touched surfaces like door handles, furniture, Taps hand rails, lift buttons, shop counter, class rooms, etc. and wipe the surface if needed.

Application 3: Can be used on all kinds of linen, curtain, sofas or any other Porous surface.

Application 4: Can be used in spray tunnels.

Application 5: Can be sprayed on Currency and Pets too without causing any harm.

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Natural Disinfectant

Super shield is used to disinfect the surfaces at your home

This is used to clean and disinfect the various surfaces such as flooring, bathrooms sides, door handles, furniture, taps hand rails, lift buttons, shop counter, and many more.

Disinfects Surfaces
Surface Friendly
Prevents from Virus

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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Saying About Us

I was fed up with the germs and worried of the cleanliness in my house. I want a surface cleaner which can disinfect my house from germs and protects my family. When I started using the Super shield, it have given good results. Now I feels my house to be disinfected from germs and protected from diseases.

Riya Bajaj


I am a wholesaler of Super shield and sells this product to my retailers which have benefitted a lot from the sale of this product. Super shield is loved by their customers, and they purchase the product every month in bulk and sells them off. I also want to recommend this to other wholesalers and retailer.

Ram Prakash


Mai apni family ki health ko lekr kafi pareshan rahati thi. Germs aur cleanliness ka issue mujhe kafi pareshan krta tha kyoki safayi ke baad bhi surfaces par kabhi kabhi germs raha jate hai aur ye kafi diseases ka karan bante hai. Maine Apne doctor se jab salah li tab unhone ne surfaces par germs ko hi bimariyo ka karan bataya tha. Supershield ne ise thik kr diya hai. Thanks.

Ravina Aggarwal