Optibile - E

Liver Detox

An Optimum Bile regulator, which promotes liver health, and improves digestion, consists of 20 clinically proven herbs, which acts as a potent hepatoprotector.

Major Benefits

A Liver Detox Formulation Calibrated by Anubhoot Formulations With Extra Benefits of Digestion Promotion, and Helps in Sustaining a Healthy Life in Present Era.

Improves Liver Functions

It helps in Promoting the liver and its functions.

Prevents Jaundice and hepatitis

It also helps in preventing many liver diseases like jaundice and hepatitis, etc.

Controls cholesterol levels

It controls the blood cholesterol levels in the body and helps in keeping you fit.

Prevents Liver Damage

Helps in drugs and alcohol induced liver damages

Improves digestion

Its Enjamatic properties Improves digestion and cures many diseases of your body.

Provides anti-oxidants

It Provides anti-oxidants and supports the liver cell integrity in the body.

Product Ingredients

Optibile – E is a proprietary, strategic blend of 20 herbal extracts which are derived from time-tested Indian system of medicine ‘Ayurveda’ and validated by modern scientific methods


Manages the biochemical markers of liver. Powerful anti-oxidants and promotes functioning of potato sites.


A powerful hepatocyte and recommended for tissue repair and hepato regeneration.


Lowers toxin loads and improves overall functioning and prevents inflammation of liver caused by alcohol intake.

Grape Seed


Helps in membrane stabilizations of liver cells and prevents cellular leakage.

Garcinia Combogia


Decreases the cellular toxicity of liver and regulates the high concentration of phenols and saponines.


Hard, Baheri, Amla

Togetherly, known as Triphla. It not only helps in cleaning and detoxifying colon but also removes toxins from liver, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

And Various other key ingredients like rohida, pitt papda, Kasni, kutki, etc. which collectively not only promotes liver health but also improves digestion and increases the appetite.

Product Indications

  • Jaundice
  • Hepatitis
  • Low Immunity
  • Biliousness
  • Fatty Liver
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of Appetite

Product Doses

  • Children:- 5 Ml thrice a day**
  • Adults:- 10 Ml thrice a day**

** Physicians recommendations is always required.

About Our Company

We provide high quality & certified Ayurvedic products

We provide the many Ayurvedic products to people which will help them to improve their health, increase the immunity, and much more health benefits. We have build Ayurvedic products such as Optivita, IMMU tea, Evoshine, Optibile-E, and Supershield, which have provided enormous benefits to the people to improve their overall health.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Optibile - E used to treat many health problems

This is used to cure many health problems of liver as well as other problems of the body such as Jaundice, hepatitis, indigestion, and many more.

Improves Live Functions
Controls cholesterol Level
Improves Digestion

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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Saying About Us

Optibile-E is the best liver tonic that have helped my patients a lot in improving their health. Many Patients have not get any type side effects. I have recommended this to many of my patients which have got awesome health benefits. Awesome Liver tonic, the main reason to recommend this is its Aayurvedic properties.

Dr Sandeep


Optibile-E is one of the Probably best liver detox syrup. It is very effective in jaundice. I have been facing the jaundice problems last month and searched for a good remedy online for live detox syrup, which improve my liver functions and have relieved me from jaundice problems. I like to recommend this to other people.

Dr Rajesh


Optibile-E achhi dawayi hai aur mujhe isse kafi fayeda hua hai. Maine 2 months pahale ise lena start kiya tha aur isne meri liver ki functioning par achha effect dala hai. Isko use karne se bhookh badhti h aur digestion thik rahta h. Pahale mujhe jo indestion ya bhookh kam lgne ki problem thi wo solve ho gyi hai.

Vishal Garg