A Rare Combination of Ayush Recommended Anti-Viral Drugs Green Tea and Various Other Herbs to fight against Covid-19.


Major Benefits

A Sugar Free Formulation Calibrated by Anubhoot Formulations With Extra Benefits of Weight Management, and Helps in Sustaining a Healthy Life in Present Era.

Immuno Booster

Contains various Ministry of Ayush Recommended drugs to improve immunity and fight against COVID 19.

High Nutrition

A rich source of minerals & vitamins which are missed in routine vegetarian diet.

Weight Management

Increases the fat burning rate of the body and maintains optimum BMI of the Body.

Aided Health

Provides essential amino acids, minerals and promotes bone & muscle density.


Anti Ageing

Check the number of free radicals in body and improve the skin tone and texture.

Increases Mental Health

Provides Essential Vitamins and Minerals to promote brain functioning and prevents mental fatigue.

Anti Diabetic

Controls blood sugar level and reduces the risk of Diabetes Mellitus.


Improves Digestion and prevents heart burn and flatulence in the body for a person.

Product Ingredients

Made From Potent Ayurvedic Herbs

Green Tea

Helps in monitoring normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Reduces the risk of Diabetes.

Cinnamon Extract

Contains anti viral properties controls blood sugar level and cholesterol.

Tulsi Extract

Another Ministry of Ayush Recommended anti viral herb which purifies the blood and helps in digestion.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Prevents premature ageing and heart diseases. Recommended by Ministry of Ayush to fight against COVID19.

Grape Seed

Grape Seed Extract

A rich source of antioxidants improves your skin tone, brain functioning and brings Anti Ageing effects.

Garcinia Combogia

Garcinia Combogia

It increases the BMR and helps in fast reduction of fat.



Richest natural source of minerals and anti-oxidants.

lemon extract

Lemon Extract

As a rich source of Vitamin C, it boost up your Immunity improves skin health and encourages weight loss

Direction of Usage

Here is the complete process how you should use the IMMU Tea:

Step 1: Take 50-60 Ml of Hot Water in a Cup.

Step 2: Add single tablet and wait for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Have it Hot and Enjoy Healthy Life.

About Our Company

We provide high quality & certified Ayurvedic products

We provide the many Ayurvedic products to people which will help them to improve their health, increase the immunity, and much more health benefits. We have build Ayurvedic products such as Optivita, IMMU tea, Evoshine, Optibile-E, and Supershield, which have provided enormous benefits to the people to improve their overall health.

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Lifestyle Medicine

IMMU Tea used to treat many health problems

This is used to cure many health problems such as obesity weak immunity, indigestion, weakness, low BMR and many more.

Improves Digestion
Control Blood Sugar
Improves Immunity

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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Saying About IMMU-Tea

IMMU-tea is very good in elevating immunity. It is also very helpful in weight loss. In these months I have been treating many patients like this and recommended them to have IMMU-tea to gain better immunity. I would like to recommend other patients who are facing low immunity, to start using IMMU-tea for their treatment.

Dr Arun Deol


IMMU-Tea is good product as it have generated huge sales in past 2 months. I have generated huge revenues from this Ayurvedic product. This have been sold in huge amount by my retailers to their customers. Due to its Ayurvedic properties and considerable taste, customers demand for this product in huge quantity for huge replication.

Yogesh Saini


Last month, I have been searching for good and healthy green tea. I have gone through the IMMU Tea, which have not only helped me to balance my weight and improved my health but I also get rid of the health problems such as constant cold, fever etc, feels like It have increased my immunity power. Thanks Anubhoot for IMMU-Tea.

Mohan Singh