Complete Remedy for Women Health

Evoshine is specially formulated to promote female’s health. It contains various widely studied herbal extracts which not only promotes utrine health but also increases the general well-being of women.

Major Benefits

A General women tonic which promotes the overall well-being of females.

Utrine Function Regular

Relives a dominion pain and spasm

Pre/post menopausal syndrome

A Natural Hormone Motivator

Rejuvenate the female reproductive system

Beneficial in Leucorrhea

Product Ingredients

Made With Herbal And Ayurvedic Products

Ashok Tvak

Ashoka has been traditionally used in Indian Ayurveda as a uterine tonic and has been indicated in menstrual irregularities ESP in DUB.

Kachnar Chall

Used To evaluate the ethanolic and aqueous extracts of Bauhinia variegate Linn.

Arjun Tvak

Its bark decoction is being used in the Indian subcontinent for anginal pain, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and dyslipidemia.

Lodhra Tvac

Used for bronchitis, digestive and urinary disorders, menorrhagia, ulcers, bleeding gums, maturation of wounds, liver problems, elephantiasis, and fat in the urine


It is used in treating a wide variety of illnesses including asthma, diabetes, hypertension, stress, arthritic diseases, and cancer.


It is used for diabetes, high cholesterol, allergic rhinitis, upset stomach, gout, lymphoma and other cancers, hepatitis, fever, gonorrhea, syphilis, and to boost the immune system.

Direction of Usage

Here is the complete process how you should use the IMMU Tea medicines:

Step 1: Take 50-60 Mi of Hot Water in a Cup.

Step 2: Add single tablet and wait for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Have it Hot and Enjoy Healthy Life.

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We provide high quality & certified Ayurvedic products

We provide the many Ayurvedic products to people which will help them to improve their health, increase the immunity, and much more health benefits. We have build Ayurvedic products such as Optivita, IMMU tea, Evoshine, Optibile-E, and Supershield, which have provided enormous benefits to the people to improve their overall health.

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Remedy for Women Health

Evoshine used to treat Women health problems

This is used to cure not only liver problems but it is also very helpful in indigestion and loss of appetite.

Utrine Function Regular
Relives a dominion pain
Rejuvenate the female reproductive system

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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Saying About Us

Evoshine is Very effective uterine tonic and proved to be very helpful to my patients. My patients have been benefitted a lot from them, as some of the patients were facing difficulties with Utrine functioning. After using Evoshine tonic for a month, they have found relief from this problem with no side effects noticed in them.

Dr Manisha Sharma M.S.


Evoshine is a high demand product as some of my customers are selling it in high amount. As a wholesaler chemist, my customers usually demands this item and are happy from its sale. I started selling them after personally giving them to some patients. It have given awesome results, are proved to be best medicine for my patients.

Saurabh Gupta


Muscle spasms or cramps are fairly common and it can also last anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes. If you experience chronic muscle cramping, you may want to see a doctor. Evoshine takes you through all this. Many Dr. Evoshine have seen on the patent, everyone has told its result is very good. I also recommend this.

Dr. Prateek Dhillon