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Spreading Ayurveda
Experience The Purity Of Ayurveda

We provide the 100% Ayurvedic Products Which are Made By Pure Natural and Herbal Products.

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Say To All The Diseases
Build Immunity To Fight The Diseases

We Help The People To Build And Increase Their Immunity, and Their Ability To Fight Against Diseases.

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Improve Your Health With Ayurveda
Get Complete Ayurvedic Solution

We Provide the Complete Solution For People To Improve Their Overall Health Ranging From Increasing Immunity To Curing Various Diseases and Benefits The Body Without Any Harm.

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Anubhoot Formulations

Anubhoot Formulations started with the aim of promoting healthy living and healing of the body through Ayurvedic herbs.

About Our Company

Redefining Ayurveda

We aim to provide high quality Ayurvedic Medicines which are formulated in most comfortable, consumable way to provide maximum results.

For best results, we only use premium quality plant extracts. You can get to know more about us and our Ayurvedic products. We provide you the best quality products.

Lifestyle MEDICINE

In the era of communicable diseases, Ayurveda is the key for healthy life

Our Ayurvedic products not only improve your immunity but also helps you in rejuvenating your body and delays the ageing process.

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Our Popular Products


Immunity Booster

₹ 310.00


Life Rejuvenator

₹ 315.00

Optibile - E

Liver Detox

₹ 145.00


Complete Remedy for Women Health

₹ 165.00

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Why Anubhoot Is Best?

There are a lot of products available in the market but we are providing you the best and premium quality herbal products.

Here are some of those reasons which makes us the best.

Premium Quality Ingredients

Tried and 


Easy To 




No Side 


Ayush Recommended


Easy Shipping


24*7 Customer


Improves Digestion
Helps In Weight Loss
Feels Happier

Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Saying About Us

IMMU-tea is very good in elevating immunity. It is also very helpful in weight loss. In these months I have been treating many patients like this and recommended them to have IMMU-tea to gain better immunity. I would like to recommend other patients who are facing low immunity, to start using IMMU-tea for their treatment.

Dr Arun Deol


I have been searching for a good medicine which have no side effects that could relive my stress of daily work, so that I could do better work. My health consultant then suggested me Optivita to use for just a month. After using Optivita for 15 days. I feel more energetic and healthy. I like to recommend this to other people.

Adv. Sourabh Singh


Evoshine is a high demand product as some of my customers are selling it in high amount. As a wholesaler chemist, my customers usually demands this item and are happy from its sale. I started selling them after personally giving them to some patients. It have given awesome results, are proved to be best medicine for my patients.

Saurabh Gupta